The Mosaic Law

10 Commandments tablets

Recorded messages by David Tavender

The Mosaic Law – an introduction: One message (approx. 60 mins) divided into two shorter files, plus slides. Presented at one of the BBFA’s Annual Conferences.

The Mosaic Law – an introduction Pt 1

The Mosaic Law – an introduction Pt 2

Accompanying slides: The Mosaic Law – an introduction

The Mosaic Law – an Overview: A series of nine messages, plus slides, presented at the BBFA’s weekly Newcastle Bible Study meetings. More messages from this series will be added shortly.

Mosaic Law 1 – Introduction a (audio coming soon)

Mosaic Law 2 – Introduction b

Mosaic Law 3 – The Decalogue (audio coming soon)

Mosaic Law 4 – The Sanctuary

Slides: The Sanctuary of the Mosaic Law

Mosaic Law 5 – The Priesthood

Handout: The Law 05a – The Priesthood – Handout

Mosaic Law 6 – The Offerings

Slides: Offerings and Sacrifices – slides (Note – This set of slides contains images of slaughtered animals and blood, which some people may find distressing.)

Mosaic Law 7 – A Day at the Sanctuary (audio coming soon)

Slides: A Day at the Sanctuary – slides

Mosaic Law 8 – The Festivals (audio coming soon)

Handout: Festivals of the Lord

Mosaic Law 9 – The Law a Shadow (audio coming soon)


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