The Kingdom of God In Heaven and On Earth – Stuart Allen

Kingdom of God H+E

Kingdom of God (PDF)

A detailed study of Bible verses from Genesis to Revelation relating to the kingdom of God. A book for the mature Christian and thoughtful reading for every student of God’s word.

Review by F. W. Martin, in “English Churchman” 20/3/1981: “This is a careful and detailed study of the Kingdom of God throughout the Bible. Mr. Allen holds that there is no subject of deeper interest than the Kingdom and the great redemptive foundation upon which it rests …  It is good to find a writer who refuses to equate the Kingdom with the Church, and to apply to the Church what belongs to Israel. There is far too much sloppy and wrong exposition today.”


Chapter 1. The Kingdom of God in the Pentateuch
The Characteristics of the Kingdom of God
The Interpretation of Scripture and of Prophecy
The Rule of God and Satan’s Opposition
Correspondences between Adam and Noah
Abraham and his posterity in the Kingdom of God
The Abrahamic Covenant concerning the Seed and the Land
The Relationship of the Earthly Kingdom to the Mosaic Law
The Kingdom shown forth prophetically in the Feasts of the Lord

Chapter 2. The Kingdom of God in the Book of Judges, and the Kings of Israel and Judah
The end of the Theocratic Kingdom of the Old Testament

Chapter 3. The Character of the Messianic Kingdom of the Old Testament
(1) Righteousness; (2) Peace; (3) Joy; (4) Holiness; (5) Justice; (6) Knowledge of God; (7) Freedom from Oppression.

Chapter 4. The Regathering of Israel and the re-shaping of the Land of Palestine
God’s answer to the problem of the Suez Canal

Chapter 5. The Kingdom of God in the Earthly Ministry of John the Baptist and the Lord Jesus
The Announcement of the Earthly Kingdom
The Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven
The parables of Matthew 13

Chapter 6. The Kingdom of God in the Acts of the Apostles
Acts 2:17-21
The Evidential Miracles of the Acts
The Mounting Opposition of Israel in Acts
The word ‘church’
The Reason for the Admission of the Gentiles during the Acts
The Kingdom of God in the Epistles of the Acts Period

Chapter 7. The Kingdom of God in the Post-Acts Period
A unique Time Period
A unique Title
A unique Status
A unique Sphere of Blessing

Chapter 8. The Kingdom of God in the Book of Revelation
Comparison of Genesis and Revelation
The predominance of Israel
Comparison of the Churches of Revelation 2 and 3 with the rest of Revelation
The Lord’s Day
The Twofold form of the Book of Revelation

Index to Quoted Scriptures
Index to Greek Words Used
Index to Hebrew Words Used
Subject index


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