The Deity of Christ

by Charles H. Welch


Deity of Christ (PDF)

Written in the style of a two-person conversation, this PDF booklet addresses many of the objections raised concerning the doctrine of Christ’s deity. 21 short chapters (each only a page or two long), plus an appendix.


The Subject Stated
A Dividing Doctrine
No Philosophy of God in Scripture
JEHOVAH, the Age-Title
God – Relatively
God – Manifest
The Concordant Method
A Parallel Usage
The Image of the Invisible God
Firstborn of Every Creature
God Hath Spoken ‘IN SON’
The Brightness of The Glory
The Image and The Substance
A Threefold Testimony
The Form of God
The True Meaning of ‘FORM’
Hooker and Bacon
Form and Fashion
The Testimony of a Quotation
Jehovah not limited to Israel
The Willing Servant

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