Our Stories

Below is a selection of diverse and very personal accounts – the stories of people whose lives were changed by their faith in God in one way or another. Some are life stories; some are accounts of just one or two incidents.

We trust that you will find these stories both enjoyable and uplifting, and may the Lord be glorified by the retelling of them.

Josephine Damme – My Story

Mary Harper – My Story

Margaret Rieker – My Story

Athol Walter – My Journey to Truth and Freedom

Ilma Bishop – My Story

David Fryer – My Story

Val Griffiths – Why the Search for Truth?

Frank Haegler – The Mystery and Me

Cec Heath – To Whom Shall we Go?

John Hutton – My Story

David Tavender – A Personal Testimony

Janelle Tavender –  My Journey

Neville Ward – Finding Our Way

Charles Welch – An Autobiography


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