What Happened to Enoch, Elijah and Jonah?

by David Tavender Over the years that Spiritual Blessings has been in publication, we have printed several articles on what happens after death. Most, if not all, of these articles will have expressed the view that a believer does not go directly to Heaven after dying, but lies unconscious and […] Read more »

Alphabetical Analysis of Dispensational Truth

by Charles H. Welch Parts 1 to 5 of a ten-part work, analysing terms related to a dispensational approach to the Scriptures. (Click on An Alphabetical Analysis to access all ten parts of this set.) AA Part 1 (PDF) Dispensational Truth A-E, Subject Index: Aaron, Abba, Above, Abraham, Absent, Accepted, Access, Acknowledge, Acts of the […] Read more »

The Kingdom of God In Heaven and On Earth – Stuart Allen

Kingdom of God (PDF) A detailed study of Bible verses from Genesis to Revelation relating to the kingdom of God. A book for the mature Christian and thoughtful reading for every student of God’s word. Review by F. W. Martin, in “English Churchman” 20/3/1981: “This is a careful and detailed study of […] Read more »