cd_catalogue From this page you may browse through catalogues of audio messages from speakers with similar (though not always exactly the same) doctrinal viewpoints to the Berean Bible Fellowship of Australia.

Most of these recordings are free to download from other websites on the internet, and a quick “Google” search should locate them for you.

See below for details on how to obtain these recordings as a set of MP3 disks, or as individual audio CDs.


Categorised catalogue of 2200 Berean Audio Messages:

2200 Recorded Messages – CATEGORISED – 2200 Recorded Messages from The Berean Forward Movement (U.K.), Truth For Today (U.S.A.), and The Berean Bible Fellowship of Phoenix Arizona (U.S.A.). The audio messages listed in this catalogue are categorised by subject matter.

Individual Speakers’ Catalogues: The following catalogues contain most of the same recordings as the “2200” categorised list, but here are categorised by speaker.

Charles Welch Recorded Messages Catalogue

Stuart Allen Recorded Messages Catalogue

Arthur Lambourne Recorded Messages Catalogue

Brian Sherring Additional Messages Catalogue

Edward Helsdon Recorded Messages Catalogue

Ernest Streets Recorded Messages Catalogue

Oscar Baker Recorded Messages Catalogue

Harrop Dredge Imberg Recorded Messages Catalogue Speakers are Audrey Harrop, Norman Dredge & Bill Imberg.

Pastor William Campbell – List of Recordings These recordings are not included in the “2200” catalogue above. All of these recordings by Pastor Campbell are listenable, but many are of inferior audio quality.

Foundation + Anniversary Days Catalogue Twice a year the Berean Forward Movement conducts special meeting days, and addresses are given on those occasions. The recordings listed here often include singing and announcements before the main message. However, the time within the recording at which the actual message begins is listed in the far right hand column in the catalogue.


How to order these recordings in MP3 disk or audio disk format:

As stated above, most of these recordings are available as free downloads – just try a quick Google search. However, if you would like to obtain all or a large number of these recordings as a set of MP3 disks, or as audio CDs, they are available through the BBFA Book Agency in the following formats:

  • MP3 – All recordings listed here, plus catalogues: A$5.00 (plus $10 postage within Australia).
  • MP3 – Recordings of one speaker’s entire catalogue on one disk:   A$1.00 per disk (plus $2.00 per disk postage within Australia).
  • Audio CDs – one or two recorded messages per disk (depending on length of message/s – one disk can hold up to 80 mins) A $1.00 per disk (plus $2.00 per disk postage within Australia).

For other variations, or for postage outside of Australia, please contact us.

How to order: Please contact us first to let us know what you’re interested in obtaining. Payment may subsequently be made by any of the methods listed on our “Make a Donation or Payment” page.



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