Is God A Person?

by Charles H. Welch

Is god_person

Is God a Person (PDF)


Full title: “Is God a Person? The Bible’s answer, including a reflection on the creeds of orthodoxy.”

This PDF booklet discusses the above question, and several other issues concerning the being and nature of God. A deep and thought-provoking work.


1 The Being of God
2 `God is Spirit’
3 Elohim and Jehovah. Titles of relation
4 God in His relation to creation and redemption
5 Why is Elohim, the plural form, employed?
6 Jesus Christ is Jehovah
7 The Doctrine of the Trinity, and the use of the word `Person’
8 The term `Economy’ as applied to the doctrine of the Trinity
9 To Whom is Creation ascribed in the N.T.?
10 The Father

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