God’s Gift of Everlasting Life

by Pastor William Campbell

God's Gift of Everlasting Life


Full title: “God’s Gift of Everlasting Life, a Compendium of Conditional Immortality”.

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Chapter 1 – Introduction p.3

  • How the Need Arose
  • Authority
  • A Useful Word Study
  • How Deception Entered
  • Who Possesses Immortality?

Chapter 2 – The Soul p.10

  • The Nature of the Soul
  • This Perishing Soul
  • Some Curious Texts
  • Likeness and Image
  • Wider Usage of “The Soul”

Chapter 3 – The Spirit p.16

  • What is the Spirit?
  • Body, Soul and Spirit

Chapter 4 – Death p.19

  • What Happens When We Die?
  • Is there a Spiritual Death?
  • Death is a Sleep

Chapter 5 – The Place and State of the Dead p.26

  • Where are the Dead?
  • Sheol and Hades

Chapter 6 Resurrection p.30

  • What is the Resurrection?
  • The Order of Resurrection
  • The Nature of Resurrection
  • Many Difficulties Explained
  • “Desiring to Depart”

Chapter 7 Eternal Conscious Torment p.36

  • The Destiny of the Unsaved
  • Divine Justice
  • The Wicked in Death and Resurrection
  • Special Passages Considered
  • Everlasting Burnings
  • The Undying Worm
  • Torment with Fire and Brimstone
  • Eternal or Age Lasting
  • Further Special Passages
  • Paul in Paradise
  • Christ and the Dying Thief
  • The Rich Man and Lazarus
  • Other Passages

Conclusion … p.60

What others have said about this booklet:

“Probably the best introductory book I have read on these subjects.” – David Tavender


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