Charles H. Welch – an Autobiography

Welch - gray 75 jpg Charles Welch an Autobiography

Charles Welch Autobiography (PDF)

“Charles H. Welch – an Autobiography” tells the story of how this British theologian came to a faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and how he came to an understanding of the principle of right division. This account includes the record of his discussion with Dr. E. W. Bullinger, and the question that caused this noted theologian to rethink some of his theology. Many of the author’s hand-sketched drawings accompany the text.

Charles Welch was never a member of the BBFA, but you will find quite a number of his writings on our website. We therefore felt it appropriate to include his autobiography amongst the “Our Stories” pages. Though not officially associated, the Berean Bible Fellowship of Australia has, for many years, enjoyed close ties with the Berean Forward Movement (U.K.), over which he presided. The Bible study journal “The Berean Expositor”, which he began compiling in 1909, has been read by many on this side of the globe, and provides the basis of many of the articles by Mr. Welch found on this website.



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