Whose Hope is it Anyway?

By Karl Edwards Part 1 When talking about dispensationalism to people who are not familiar with the term, I sometimes explain it as an approach to reading the Bible that attempts to put things in their right place. For instance, recognition of the times and cultures of the people to […] Read more »

The Apostles’ Question

By Karl Edwards Before the Lord ascended in Acts chapter one, the apostles asked Him a simple question, which, when placed into its proper context, sets the tone for the book of Acts. This question is often marginalised or ridiculed as the worldly desires of unlearned and ignorant men, its […] Read more »

My Story – Josephine Damme

  My name is Jo (Josephine) Damme. I was born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, in 1937, the eldest of eight children. I went to a public school and after the war to a “School with the Bible” – not because my parents were religious but because the school was closer […] Read more »

My Story – Margaret Rieker

  My early years were spent in Sunday School and Christian Endeavour in the Methodist church, where my father was the Secretary and my mother the Sunday School Superintendent. Because my parents were seeking deeper teaching, they moved to an interdenominational fellowship in the city of Perth, when I was […] Read more »

My Journey To Truth and Freedom

By Athol Walter One advantage of growing older is that hindsight gives a clearer view of one’s life. Events that once puzzled me, or that I ignored because they seemed trivial, appear now in a clearer light, revealing how the Lord has been ordering and over-ruling so much in my […] Read more »

Charles H. Welch – an Autobiography

  Charles Welch Autobiography (PDF) “Charles H. Welch – an Autobiography” tells the story of how this British theologian came to a faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and how he came to an understanding of the principle of right division. This account includes the record of his discussion with Dr. […] Read more »

Finding Our Way – Neville Ward

  I was born in Adamstown, a suburb of Newcastle, NSW, in 1937, and have remained in this city to the present day. I was born of Christian parents, my mother being an Anglican, and my father a Methodist. At age 5-8 years I attended the local Methodist Sunday School […] Read more »

My Journey – Janelle Tavender

  Looking back over my life it is hard to comprehend that I have been a Christian for almost 30 years. As I look back over that time, I can see how God and His Word have guided me, even though during that period it has often been hard to […] Read more »