We Must Apologise!

by Athol Walter What was your reaction when you read the title of this article? Maybe you thought: ‘We? Is he saying that I have done something to apologise for? No way!’ Or perhaps it was: ‘What has the BBFA been up to that they must apologise? This will be […] Read more »

Persevere to Maturity – Studies on Philippians

by Peter Ward Ideal for personal or group study. A series of seven studies based on Philippians focusing on getting our priorities right, and staying focused on the glory that awaits us. The Participants’ handbook may be copied for group members, and the Leader’s handbook has suggested answers and material […] Read more »

The Free Gift of Salvation vs. Rewards

by Charles H. Welch   1. THE DECLARATION. We believe that if we are to attain to truth, we must distinguish most clearly between : STANDING and STATE. HOPE and PRIZE. FREE GIFT and REWARD. Otherwise, by confusing things that differ we shall give no certain sound in our witness, and […] Read more »

Berean Messages

by Charles H. Welch Berean Messages (PDF) Ten messages on dispensational issues. Titles include: Did ‘the Church’ begin at Pentecost? The keys of Peter and the doors of Paul The chief corner stone Comparing spiritual things Sundry times and divers manners Try the things that differ Dispensational Truth and the Fundamentals […] Read more »


by Stuart Allen Prayer (PDF) 15 very short studies (less than a page each) on aspects of prayer. These first appeared as a series of articles in “Joints and Bands” between the years of 1985 and 1990. Several people expressed their appreciation of this series, and it was subsequently issued as a […] Read more »