My Search for Truth – Val Griffiths

  When I came to Christ in 1941, I found freedom from sin and its power. When I first realised the Truth of the Ephesian Mystery, the Secret which had been hid in God until it was revealed to Paul for me, a far off Gentile, I became free indeed […] Read more »

My Story – David Fryer

Looking back on my early childhood, it was at about nine years of age that I was encouraged to read my Bible. As I read it, it occurred to me that some books differed from others; even the Old Testament seemed different to much of the New Testament and I […] Read more »

My Story – Ilma Bishop

Ilma Bishop

I was fortunate to be born into a Christian home with bible readings and prayer each evening. Our favourite passage as children was from Acts 12 when the Lord sent an angel to release Peter from prison. As children we attended Kingsgrove Baptist Church, Sunday school and Christian Endeavour, basket […] Read more »