by Stuart Allen Prayer (PDF) 15 very short studies (less than a page each) on aspects of prayer. These first appeared as a series of articles in “Joints and Bands” between the years of 1985 and 1990. Several people expressed their appreciation of this series, and it was subsequently issued as a […] Read more »

The Kingdom of God In Heaven and On Earth – Stuart Allen

Kingdom of God (PDF) A detailed study of Bible verses from Genesis to Revelation relating to the kingdom of God. A book for the mature Christian and thoughtful reading for every student of God’s word. Review by F. W. Martin, in “English Churchman” 20/3/1981: “This is a careful and detailed study of […] Read more »

The Acts of the Apostles and Afterwards

The Acts of the Apostles and Afterwards by Stuart Allen Acts of the Apostles Primarily, a verse by verse commentary on the book of Acts. Includes a section devoted to the writings and events which take place after the period covered by this N.T. book. Also available in hard copy. Read more »

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