Whose Hope is it Anyway?

By Karl Edwards Part 1 When talking about dispensationalism to people who are not familiar with the term, I sometimes explain it as an approach to reading the Bible that attempts to put things in their right place. For instance, recognition of the times and cultures of the people to […] Read more »

The Apostles’ Question

By Karl Edwards Before the Lord ascended in Acts chapter one, the apostles asked Him a simple question, which, when placed into its proper context, sets the tone for the book of Acts. This question is often marginalised or ridiculed as the worldly desires of unlearned and ignorant men, its […] Read more »

The End Is Nigh

by Karl Edwards Whenever I hear the words ‘the end is nigh’, it conjures up in my mind images of cartoons I’ve seen over the years which show bearded street preachers holding placards bearing the slogan, usually with a witty remark added by the cartoonist. Many people in the world […] Read more »