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  • Rightly Dividing – Athol Walter

Rightly Dividing – Athol Walter


  • Test Things Differing – Athol Walter. A 15 minute introduction to the idea that some conditions and instructions in Scripture vary with a change of dispensation – also known as “testing the things that differ”.

Test Things Differing – Philippians ch1v9+10

  • Gentiles in Scripture – The place of Gentiles in the plan of God, and the differences we may observe before and after Acts 28.

Part 1 – Before Acts 28 Gentiles In Scripture – David Tavender

Part 2 – After Acts 28 The Mystery – Athol Walter


  •  Acts 28 – The Dividing Line – The significance of this important turning point in God’s dealings with man.

1 – Acts 28 Itself – David Tavender

2 – Developments After Acts 28 – Athol Walter


  • What is the Gospel? – Karl Edwards. Is there only “one” gospel? What was the gospel that Christ preached, and how does that compare with the gospel preached today?

What is the Gospel?

  • Adoption in Scripture – Athol Walter. A brief introduction to noting the difference between being a “child” of God and a “son” of God.

Adoption – Children vs Sons

  • Three Companies of Believers, and Three Spheres of Blessing – Athol Walter. A discussion of the different companies and hopes in God’s dealings with mankind.

Three Companies and Spheres of Blessing

  • The Beginning of the Church Today – Arthur Lambourne. A series of studies discussing the timing and circumstances of the beginning of today’s church, and the significance of this.

L154 Significance of Pentecost

L155 When was Israel set aside

L156 When did the church begin 1

L157 When did the church begin 2

L158 When was the mystery made known 1 plus notes (see below)

L159 When was the mystery made known 2 plus notes (see below)

Click on the images below to enlarge the notes accompanying L158 & L159:

L158 CHART - When was mystery made known 1 L159 CHART - When was mystery made known 2

  • Miracles  – Then and Now – David Tavender

Miracles Then and Now – audio message 

Accompanying charts: Miracles Then and Now – slides


  • Tongues Speaking Today – David Tavender

Tongues Speaking Today – audio message

Accompanying charts: Tongues Speaking Today – slides


  • The Lord’s Supper – David Tavender

The Lord’s Supper –  audio message

Accompanying charts: The Lord’s Supper – slides


  • Which Kingdom Is It Anyway? – Athol Walter. This excellent in-depth series examines the term “Kingdom” in Scripture from several different perspectives.

Which Kingdom No 1 – The Disciples’ Question – A Walter

Which Kingdom No 2 – Development of the Kingdom – A Walter

Which Kingdom No 3- The Kingdom Forfeited – Athol Walter MP3

Which Kingdom No 4 – Restoration Promised – Athol Walter MP3

Which Kingdom No 5 – Jer 30+31 Restoration Promised – A Walter

Which Kingdom No 6 – Sovereignty Passes to Gentiles – A Walter

Which Kingdom No 7 – Seventy Weeks Daniel 9 – A Walter MP3

Which Kingdom No 8 – Christ on Earth – Athol Walter MP3

Which Kingdom No 9 – Aspects of Christ’s Kingdom Teaching

Which Kingdom No 10 – History in Parables – Athol Walter MP3

Which Kingdom No 11 – Teaching in Acts 1 to 7

Which Kingdom No 12 – Teaching in Acts 9 to 28

Which Kingdom No 13 – A Holy Kingdom of Priests

Which Kingdom No 14 FINAL -The Kingdom Comes






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