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  • The Balance of Doctrine and Practice – Charles Welch. This message, and the accompanying chart, focus on the “worthy walk” of the believer, especially as seen in the books of Ephesians, Philippians and Colossians.

W300 The Worthy Walk – audio

W300 – chart


  • That I May Know Him – Peter Ward

That I May Know Him – Philippians ch3 v10


  • Christian Contentment – Peter Ward

Christian Contentment

  • Defeating the Flesh – Peter Ward. Part 1: Put on the Lord Jesus Christ. Part 2: Make No Provision For The Flesh. Also included here are some additional thoughts from the speaker, and some discussion from the audience.

Defeating the Flesh Pt 1 (audio) // Defeating the Flesh Part 1 PPT (slides)

Defeating the Flesh Pt 2 (audio) // Defeating the Flesh Part 2 PPT (slides)

Defeating the Flesh – Epilogue and Discussion


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