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  • Lazarus and Lazarus – David Tavender. Two passages in the Gospels, dealing with two different people called Lazarus, shed much light on our understanding of life, resurrection and the state of the dead.

The Raising of Lazarus

The Rich Man and Lazarus

  • The Place and State of the Dead – Pastor William Campbell. A discussion of such terms as “Hades” and “Hell”, and what the Scriptures say they are like.

Place and State of the Dead

  • Life, Death & Resurrection – David Tavender. This is a series of Bible study audios in MP3 format, exploring what is meant in the Scriptures by the terms “life”, “death”, “resurrection”, and “hell”. Various difficult passages are considered, and later talks focus on the Lord Jesus Christ’s own birth, life, death, and resurrection.

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  1. james forrestal says:

    Question please: Do lost Gentiles get resurrected? Thank you.

    • bbfaadmin says:

      Hello James. Thanks for your question. I guess it depends on your definition what a “lost Gentile” is, but I believe that most (if not all) Gentiles who have not put their faith in Christ shall be resurrected at the Great White Throne (Revelation 21:11-15), where their various fates will be decided. Having said that, I may be wrong, and I am hesitant to be too dogmatic about some of these events in the Bible where the description is not heavy with detail.
      – David.

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