About Us: What is the B.B.F.A. ?

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This website is a ministry of the Berean Bible Fellowship of Australia, or “B.B.F.A.“. We are not officially associated with any religious denomination, nor is our Fellowship a derivative or splinter group from any larger church or organisation.

The name “Berean” has been taken from Acts 17:10,11. There we read about those who lived in the city of Berea and how they “searched the Scriptures daily” to see whether the things that Paul was saying were true. They are called “noble” by the writer of Acts because they were willing to consider what was being said to them, and to check what was being said with the Scriptures.

This is a practice that the B.B.F.A. strongly endorses. Rather than just accepting the doctrines we hold, we believe that it is indeed “noble” to exercise the Berean attitude and search the Bible for yourself to see if these things are true or not.

One final word on the fellowship’s name. We are aware of other groups in Australia and elsewhere which have also taken on the name “Berean”. We share close ties with some of these groups, but generally speaking, unless they have been mentioned in our bi-monthly journal “Spiritual Blessings”, or on this site, they are unrelated. If you are unsure, please contact us for verification.

Why Does the B.B.F.A. Exist?

Taken from our constitution, the objects of the B.B.F.A. are:

– to promote a general interest in the Bible;
– to encourage Bible study;
– to make plain what is the Dispensation of the Mystery as revealed only to the Apostle Paul;
– to foster communication through the fellowship of like-minded believers;
– to do all things as are conducive or incidental to the attainment of the above objects.

Some of the ways these objectives are achieved are by:
– production and distribution of suitable literature, both hard copy and electronically, and via CDs, MP3 audios  and the internet;
– conducting Bible study meetings and seminars.

What Does the B.B.F.A. Believe?

It is impossible to state all of the Fellowship’s beliefs in a short article like this, especially since views on some points of doctrine are varied. However, the following are points which we see as being fundamental to our Fellowship:

– the belief in the full inspiration of Scripture;
– the belief in the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ;
– the belief in all sufficiency of His One Atoning Sacrifice;
– the belief that the Scriptures must be “rightly divided”. An integral part of this last point is the belief that the Church which is Christ’s body, did not commence until after Acts 28:28.

For a cross section of other beliefs held by many of our members, we invite you to click on the Articles link.
Details about the B.B.F.A.’s stand on other issues may also be obtained by contacting us.

What Does the B.B.F.A. Do?

In keeping with the objectives listed previously, the B.B.F.A. carries out various activities, including:

– publishing and distributing “Spiritual Blessings” magazine
– printing pamphlets and study booklets
– distributing literature
– conducting regional Bible Study meetings
– conducting interstate and national Bible Study Days and Weekends
– producing Bible study CDs and MP3 audio recordings
– co-operating with similar fellowships overseas
– broadcasting Bible study material via the world wide web

One of our main goals is to extend the witness of our fellowship, especially to those who know little or nothing of the dispensation of the Mystery (Ephesians 3:2-6).

Membership of the B.B.F.A.

Membership of the B.B.F.A. is free of charge, and is open to all people who subscribe to the objects and tenets of the B.B.F.A. (see the paragraph above, titled ‘What Does the B.B.F.A. Believe?’).  There are no fees involved in either becoming a member, or maintaining membership.

Becoming a member of the B.B.F.A. is a more formalised way of showing support for our ministry. However, our Fellowship has many valued friends and supporters who are not “signed up” B.B.F.A. members. Membership includes the right to cast votes at our business meetings; for example, everyone is welcome to attend our Annual General Meeting, but only members are permitted to vote on issues arising at that meeting. Anyone wishing to serve the Fellowship in a Committee role (see the paragraph below, titled ‘Administration’) must also first become a member of the B.B.F.A .

If you would like to become a member of the B.B.F.A., please submit an Application for B.B.F.A. Membership form to: The Secretary, P.O. Box 3141, Glendale NSW 2285, Australia. Note that this form requires nomination, and a signature, from an existing B.B.F.A. member. The Committee will consider all applications for membership and will notify the applicants of their decision shortly afterwards.


For the purposes of overseeing the administrative affairs of the B.B.F.A., a seven member Committee is elected every two years. There are no paid pastors or staff members within the B.B.F.A., as the Fellowship is run purely on a volunteer basis. The B.B.F.A.’s ministry is not based around the Committee, however. Rather, our ministry is a joint effort carried out by a much wider group that includes members, friends and supporters of the B.B.F.A. Hence, many other people within the Fellowship, who may or may not be on the administrative Committee, are regularly involved in assisting to carry out the B.B.F.A.’s objectives.

The current B.B.F.A. Committee (2018-2020) is comprised of:

President: David Tavender
 David Tavender photo
Vice President: Nadine Karnau
Nadine Karnau
Treasurer: Susan Hall
Secretary: Janelle Tavender
Committee Member: Nadereh Edwards
Committee Member: Bronwen Munday

We would be glad to hear any questions or comments you might have. Any further inquiries regarding the B.B.F.A., its statement of beliefs or its work are welcome. You may approach any of these Committee members in person or, alternatively, you may direct comments and inquiries to:

The Berean Bible Fellowship of Australia
P.O. Box 3141 Glendale, 2285
NSW Australia.

… or click here to send an email to the B.B.F.A. Committee.

Thanks for taking the time to find out more about our Fellowship. Above all, we seek that the B.B.F.A.’s ministry may lift up the name of the Lord!

BBFA address and logo