Wonderful Words of Life

by Athol Walter Chapters: Introduction Atonement Reconciliation Redemption Justification Forgiveness of Sins Sanctification Surety Instead     Introduction People are notoriously careless with words, which is surprising because it is almost impossible to communicate our thoughts to someone else without using them. While carelessness with words can have serious consequences […] Read more »

My Journey To Truth and Freedom

By Athol Walter One advantage of growing older is that hindsight gives a clearer view of one’s life. Events that once puzzled me, or that I ignored because they seemed trivial, appear now in a clearer light, revealing how the Lord has been ordering and over-ruling so much in my […] Read more »

The Temple – Its Ministry and Services

by Alfred Edersheim The Temple – Its Ministry and Services – Alfred Edersheim (PDF) This ebook describes many aspects of the Jerusalem temple, the priesthood, the offerings, and more, as they were carried out during the first century A.D. Generally recognised as the best book available on this subject. May be read […] Read more »